Iryna Olson

Iryna is currently a Senior Architecture student at the University of Arizona, College of Architecture. She is born and raised in Ukraine and met Sveno while he was serving there at the US Embassy in Kyiv. They met randomly in a cafe and were married one year later. Iryna is the principal of their new architecture technology consulting firm, 3PArchiTech.

Bjorn and Kate Olson

Sveno's oldest son Bjorn is now married to Kate, and they are the parents of Skye Rose, making Sveno a Grandpa in 2017 for the first time. They are both middle school teachers, and Bjorn serves in the Army National Guard as a Chemical Officer. Bjorn and Kate are both graduates of Northwest Nazarene University, which is also Sveno's alma mater.

Erik Olson and Mandy McGovern

Second son Erik is a sophomore at Pima Community College, preparing to complete his Education Degree at the University of Arizona, to become a High School History Teacher. He has been dating Mandy McGovern for over 2 years, and she is studying Pre-Law at the University of Arizona.

Kateryna Olson

Youngest child and only daughter, is Katya, born in Ukraine to Iryna, but adopted by Sveno in 2015. She attends Basis Charter School and already speaks four languages. She is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Mandarin.

Role of the Husband

Sveno believes that the role of the husband is imperative for his children to see modeled at home. He intentionally makes being a good husband a priority, honoring his wife above all in the family, and striving for a Godly marriage.

Role of the Father

Sveno believes the role of the father is vital for his children to see modeled at home. He intentionally aims to be a strong role model, pursuing his gifts and talents and using these to serve others. He is not shy about publicly showing his children that he loves them.