Sveno owns several small business and is not only a serial-entrepreneur, but has a passion to help others follow their dreams of owning a business. The most recent business is 3P ArchiTech.



Serving in the Army National Guard for 27 years, Sveno enlisted as a Private and rose to the rank of a Field Grade Officer at retirement in 2013, as a Major.

Apple Computer


Sveno worked with Apple Computer for twelve years as an Education Technology Consultant. He served the K12 schools of Oregon for seven years, and the K12 and Higher Education students of Arizona for five years.

Ignite for Schools


Sveno was a founding member of Ignite for Schools, a K12 education consulting company based in Gig Harbor, Washington. The Ignite team trains students across America in leadership, mentoring and character. Sveno serves as a primary Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker for schools assemblies.



After two years of research on business trends and opportunities, Sveno entered the exploding home hospice healthcare business. He  specialized in serving veterans in hospice, providing the "Final Salute" ceremonies for dying veterans. From 2018 to 2019,  Sveno lead Pathways Hospice as Director of Hospice Support Services. He currently leads a contract team for the State of AZ licensing healthcare facilities.

Leadership Boards


Sveno loves being a servant leader, and serves on many Board of Directors for local, state and national organizations.