Family Traditions



Sveno loves balloons and one way to mark special occasions is to inflate giant helium balloons and write messages of hope and love on them, then release them into the sky.

Chinese Lanterns


If you have never enjoyed the magic of Chinese Lanterns, it is time to add this to your family traditions. Whether one or a hundred, they are amazing in the night sky.

Multiplicity Photos


Sveno loves being creative with "Multiplicity Photos", which capture the magic of special people and places. These are composites of multiple photos combined.

Fish Bowl Vacations


Don't leave the family fish at home while away on vacation, take "Goldie" with you and let her enjoy the sights, sounds and beauty of your travels too!

Travel Buddies


Sveno has the family tradition of traveling with Kermit the Frog, so the entire family enjoys looking for fun places and people to pose Kermit with!

Finger Rockets


The single most fun toy Sveno has ever found, is the Finger Rocket. We have traveled the world with these nerf rockets and made friends for life by shooting random strangers.